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Mofour Turncable Testival & Game of M.O.F.O.

It was saturday (May 24th) 10am when we arrived at the spot. The sky was kinda grey and it wasn’t the warmest of weather, but the view of the sheer awesomness that the Turncable is, always blows my mind and this time was no exception. 

As we started setting everything up for the MO4 Wakeboards testival, the sun slowly but surely started showing up behind the clouds – it was on! The event was basically two in one deal, the regular testival, where all the cable-park visitors could test out MO4 Wakeboards gear (even some of the 2015 stuff) and the Game of M.O.F.O. contest. 

For those familiar with the Game of S.K.A.T.E. concept, this is pretty much the same thing, only on a wakeboard rather than skateboard. For those who don’t really know what the heck I’m talking about, check out the official Mofour Wakeboards Game of M.O.F.O. rules.

All of a sudden, the contest was in full effect, people were throwing tricks for their very first time. The winner tried and landed the switch s bend for the first time and also heel side front 540 with long held indy grad. The second place ripper, landed and tried the s bend and switch roll revert, and the one that took the third place, landed a regular raley for the first time as well as different transfer tricks. It only goes to show, how pumped the riders are getting as they are calling the tricks and in my opinion, this kind of wake contests by-riders-for-riders are what this “sport” is all about – throwing tricks, having tons of fun with your buddies and stepping up your game.

Thanks to our awesome photographer and filmmaker, Lukas Riedl we get to see the edit of the event, check it out!

The winners of the first ever Game of M.O.F.O. are:

1st place: Jonas Thurn
2nd place: Felix Bock
3rd place: Steve Tomm

Thanks to all the guys that made the event possible and made us feel as welcome as it gets. So thank you Blacky, Chris, Elliot, Lukas and all the awesome folks who tried out our wakeboards and rode in the contest, shred on!

Be sure to check more pics of the event at the Mofour Wakeboards Facebook page.

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