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Mofour International Team



Mofour Wakeboards International Team


After warm start of the season we are announcing our new International team riders. We are giving a chance to everyone to enter our team and ride with us. With two sides support we managed to get on board young talented riders: Marek Križ, Mika Smeets, Pascal Kilches, Adam Hamama and for the second year now Felix Jasper.

Riders are able to ride theirs choice and develop further theirs riding with Mofour gear.

Marek Križ from Slovakia, (25) student with passion for extreme sports who meet with wakeboarding only 6 years ago. Since than wakeboarding become part of his life and thanks to snowboarding the progress was very fast.

Riders line:

I am really stoked about becoming a Mofour team member. I want to push my riding as much as possible and I think this will kick me on. I was always dreaming about becoming International team rider, to have chance to give something back even to become a part of process in developing.

In riding I want to push my limits as far as possible. I want to become a winner of the Slovak national cup and visit all Golden Wake Tour stops around the Europe. But for the most, I want to make a project, a video. Last but not least I want to make an riding event.

I like to ride obstacles and one of my favourite trick is cab 270 to FS Bluntslide 270 out (I would call it like this on snowboard). But best trick I have landed are: Toe side frontside 900 from kicker and from water (KGB), preferring less spins and more style.


276A8419 2500x1800 Lifestyle Profile


These are words from Marek. We are welcoming all of new riders to our team and we are still open to support more of you out there!

Simply send us your request to info@mofourwakeboards.com or to team@mofourwakeboards.com and we will do our best to support your ride.


Ride with us.

Mofour Wakeboards

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