You want it all? Featuring our new DIAMOND head shape, 3C+ reinforcement, our BLT Base, and FLT Rocker the Apik enhances jibbing to rip in the park and offers on-water control that lets you take every slash and aerial maneuver to the next level. With a brand new graphic this board offers the uncompromising performance and aesthetic perfection that can even satisfy all the girls shredders out there who will settle for nothing less than the best.

Key Features

  • RIBtech
  • FLT HIGH Rocker
  • 3C Carbon Reinforcement
  • BOMBProof Base Material
  • Park Core
  • Diamond head
  • SW Rails
  • 4 BY 4 Inserts
  • Finless

Available Sizes

Size chart
The product is currently out of stock.


Below you can find size chart for all available wakeboard sizes. If you have any questions regarding the product size just drop us an email and we will be happy to help you find the perfect size for you.
SizeTip & Tail WidthMin StanceMax StanceCenter WidthWeight Range
13931.2 cm / 12.3 inches52 cm / 20.5 inches68 cm / 26.8 inches42.8 cm / 16.9 inches50 - 70 kg / 180 - 220 lbs


Universal core design improving riding control and lightweight of the board. Reinforced side ribs helps transform force from rider to the edge where reduced centered material keeps the tip&tail thickness at lower profile for softer jibs and presses.
FLT Rocker

3DP Base

This base profile features channels on each side of the board running its length and a concave middle section, creating 3 dimensional performance that is perfect for locking into jibs. This also reduces weight and increases flex providing smooth landings and enhanced turning and control.
3DP Base

FLT High

Increased Tip and Tail Rocker, is used on our 3DP Base and features a continuous rocker section through the board. Increased height creates optimal performance characteristics for pressing tricks on obstacles, allowing riders to push the limits of technical jibbing. It also reduces landing impacts; so stomping kicker landings and coming down from park obstacles is softer than ever. FLT Rocker offers a smooth on-water ride so cruising is always a good time.
FLT Rocker

Dual Carbon

Our new developed reinforcement will help you stay stable and secure in any condition. It was developed to give riders superior hold and maximized control when riding and holding on edge or tip/tails pressing. Dual Carbon Reinforcement allows board to keep natural shape at binding area for greater response and delivers softer feeling when you play with presses on obstacles. This one is made for play at any park, winch area or behind a boat.
3DP Base


Wood stripes are securely placed in optimal positions to create a light and responsive 3D wood core that enhances performance.

4 BY 4

We pop an extra set of M6 inserts in, to make sure every rider can get perfectly dialled in to just being themselves.

Slide Base

A low friction base material that offers smooth performance on jibs.


Finless bases offer smooth catch-free jibbing performance so you can rip any obstacle in your path.


This increased rail profile creates a sharper edge for precision turning and supreme on-water control.

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