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Ivan Kolesnikov

I'm Ivan Kolesnikov


Phuket, Thailand



My name is Ivan, I am 18 years old, professional partier and wakeboarder, have been wakeboarding for 5 years now. Living in Thailand for 8 years and have loved every moment of it. Right now I am finishing my last year in school. Living in Thailand has it’s pros and cons, the best thing in my opinion is the endless summer, which gives me the opportunity to ride year around, you really do take it for granted. After I finish school I plan to travel the globe, and get into uni.

Ivan Kolesnikov

What do you love most about being a wakeboarder, and what’s the toughest part?
I love wakeboarding for the freedom it gives me. It helps me express myself in ways I cannot. To me wakeboarding is an art form, say many people can do a frontside 360, but very few can make it look good. I love going as big as I possibly can and live in the moment. The toughest part about wakeboarding for me is not wakeboarding. Due to me finishing school this year it is hard to find time to ride due to all the deadlines and responsibilities. Also being away in places where there are no parks makes is very tough. Wakeboarding is my drug.

Favorite kicker, slider, air trick?
Switch egg mobe, sbend indy to blind

What is the best cable park you’ve ever ridden?
I have been to several cable parks around the world, however to this day my favourite cable park remains my home park - Anthem Wake Park.

Quote you live by?
“Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react”

What makes Mofour so unique?
Mofour is a relatively new company, which I think will have a very bright future. The boards are one of a kind, you have to ride it to believe it. The people behind mofour are all passionate about what they do, which gives the riders the best possible quality out there.