I'm Marek Križ


Wakelake, Slovakia



My name is Marek Križ and I am from Slovakia. I am 26 years old student of Civil Engineering and Architecture. My passion for extreme sports started 7 years ago when I met with Wakeboarding and have started to work as operator and technician while my studies in Bratislava.

Wakeboarding become part of my life very fast and thanks to snowboarding the progress was incredible fast. Now Wakeboarding is my biggest passion and iam looking forward to see what it will bring to me.

What do you love most about being a wakeboarder, and what’s the toughest part?
Wakeboarding helps me to het through the basic days. I am just waiting for the moment to get back on the water. I would love to insert wakeboarding to my daily life no matter if it is riding or cooperating in development.

Favorite kicker, slider, air trick?
Its hard to say. I like to ride obstacles and one of my favourite trick is cab 27 to fs bluntslide 27 out (i would call it like this on sbowboard). But best trick, i would say i landed toesdie frontside 900 from kicker and from the water KGB. I prefer less spins and more style though.

Home base Wakepark
My home cable is Wakelake in Bratislava. It is the best cable park in Slovakia with awesome people. I worked there for the past 6 year and couldn't imagine spending this time differently.

Goals as athlete?
In riding i want to push my limits as far as possible. I want to become a winner of the Slovak national cup and visit Golden Wake Tour stops around EU. But for the most, I want to make a project, a video. Last but not least I want to make an riding event.

What makes Mofour so unique?
I am really stoked about becoming a Mofour Team Rider! I want to push my riding as much as possible and I think this will kick me on. I was always dreaming about becoming an international team rider, to have a chance to give something back even to become a part of process in developing.