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Continuing Wake Camp 2018

Hey everyone,

Over the last week there were two wake camps in Austria at Wakepark Planksee. A three days and a two days camp.


Total we were coaching 25 people at our best knowledge, every single one of them made progress and everybody gave us a really good feedback on the camp/coaching so we are really happy with the end result.

JBA_3795_jurebanfi JBA_4193_jurebanfi JBA_3711_jurebanfi

Since it turned out really nice and the people loved it, we thought why stop here with helping everyone to wakeboard better…


It was nice for everyone to have the Mofour boards for riding;) and everybody loves the goodies, so thank you for everyone’s support!

Big thanks also to RED BULL and Blue Tomato for supporting this sick event!

It might be organised a third camp in Slovenia, Maribor September 13-16 at Dooplek Wake park.

Hope to see you there..


Enjoy the ride!
Chris and Szebasztian



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