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Mofour 19 Specials!

It’s a journey if you have conditions. To make it real, we have a deal.

Give to everyone chance is our goal.


Preorder time is still running and we have now added a great new and updated Travel Board Bag. Yes its true, to everyone who purchase a wakeboard till March 2019 we will deliver free of charge (in EU) Board with FREE Travel Bag.

Its our mission to deliver performance to each and every rider that wants to save and experience true park boards with attention to light weight, area flex and durability.

Again, there’s nothing more important for us, than coming up with brand new ideas and solutions, developing them from the drawing board to the production line, and then reaping their benefits out on the water.  Biggest wish to do this is to improve your ride and to have more fun every day.

For the 2019 collection we improved light weight, durability and made boards faster and more playful than ever. You can check below main board technologies and benefits for better understanding of our collection.

  • RIBTech; benefit: Increases force from rider to the edge, reduces overall weight and offers softer jibs and presses.
  • FLT High Rocker; benefit: Improved profile offers great control and ride in any condition. Is perfect for presses and soft landings
  • Twin Rocker; benefit: Provides symmetrical shape for optimal performance in both directions
  • PAL Woodcore; These wood stripes are securely placed in optimal positions to create a light and responsive 3D wood core.
  • 3DP base benefit: This base profile is perfect for locking into jibs and offers smooth landings and enhanced turning control.
  • Flat Base; benefit: This base profile enhances performance during pressing tricks and locking into jibs.
  • SG BASE benefit: Super durable, smooth and fast material for all conditions
  • G Base; benefit: A durable and easy to maintain base material.
  • SLIDE WALLS These sidewalls feature increased durability and include a beveled to sharp design that reduces hang-up’s and offers excellent edge-hold and control on turns.
  • SW Rails (slanted wide) This increased rail profile creates a sharper edge reduces hang-up’s and offers excellent edge-hold and control on turns.
  • SN Rails (slanted narrow) This reduced rail profile offers excellent on-water performance response and forgiving.
  • DUAL CA reinforcement benefit: This rebuild reinforcement provides rapid response and areal flex at tip and tail.
  • 360 carbon reinforcement benefit: This advanced reinforcement provides superior response and flex
  • 90 carbon reinforcement; benefit: This carbon reinforcement increases response and pop
  • Dura Light reinforcement; benefit: This reinforcement reduces weight, and increases flex and pop.
  • Added insert pattern (M6 inserts) An increased range of options for wide to slim stances
  • Fin’s ready; benefit: Can easy mount any fins available for better boat ride performance.

Now available with unreal conditions. Including redesigned 2019 Mofour Travel Bag. This bag features all what you need to travel safe and organised. We even upgrade main material to be water repellent and used offroad wheels to increase durability and make travel easy on every terrain.

VESPERBAG_19_pckg FAIRYBAG_19_pckg  ADMIRALBAG_19_pckg ABLEBAG_19_pckg



See below other features that this bag includes.

  • Water repellent – This material will ensure that your items will stay dry
  • Offroad wheels – These big boys roll smooth to conquer any Surface
  • Board fixation straps – these straps keep your boards locked in for better protection
  • ID Secure pocket – an inner security pocket helps protect your wallet and other items.
  • Wet pockets – These pockets help keep your wet and dry gear separate and organized.
  • ES Handles – these comfortable handles make it easy when you’re on the move.
  • Moisture buttons (MB) – the wet gear compartments have MButtons to reduce odder so your gear won’t stink.
Mofour 2019 Travel Bag Mofour 2019 Travel Bag Mofour-2019-Travel-Bag-Big-Wheels Mofour-2019-Travel-Bag-Water-Proof Mofour-2019-Travel-Bag-Easy-Storing

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Note that sale for this great deal will run till end of the February 28th 2019 (CET:00.00)

Happy savings!

Ride with us.

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