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Mofour Mega Giveaway has a winner

The day has finally come!
First of all thanks to everyone who participated in 2017 Mofour Giveaway game, we do value all your responses!

Yesterday at midnight MOFOUR 2017 Giveaway game has ended and we have choosen a lucky winner. Winner will get his chosen Mofour board and two of his linked friends will get free protection gear (Mofour helmet and vest).

Thanks again to everyone that participated, it is our pleasure to contribute something back to the wakeboard community.

And now, the WINNER is:

Mr. Guilhem Cipreo

You and your friends won the Mofour giveaway!!!

Now let the winter pass and enjoy your brand new Mofour shredstick next season!!!

Thank you all!
See you soon with more awesome games and prices!

TEAM Mofour

Reminder: The cyber week is still on, so if you weren’t lucky enough to win, you can still get a 40% discount on EVERYTHING! Time to gear up for the next season 😉

Gear in this post