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What The FLEX?! Mofour Wakeboards 2017

Think near future, think a whole new shape and flex, think 2017. For the last few months, we have been busy contemplating, designing and finally testing out a brand new addition to our ever growing MO4 Wakeboards arsenal.

The first rides happened only a couple of days ago, expectations were high as a kite. We have been testing a couple of different models with different flexes and a few variations of diversely shaped grind bases.

The result at the end of the day? All of our riders who participated at abusing the Top/Secret/Test/Model wakeboard for the next 2017 season insisted on keeping them and wouldn’t let them go. Let me tell you, these guys drive a hard bargain.

To wrap things up, the outcome of the first test day was straight A. Quite honestly we were pretty surprised that even at an early stage, the new wakeboards performed better than expected. To achieve the perfection for the next season, some tweaks and decisions need to be made still, as we are going after the A+.

Stay tuned for the updates, early intro wakeboards for 2017 will be available sooner than expected and with a bit of luck you might end up owning one these flexy beasts.