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2019 Mofour Wakeboards Collection

At Mofour, we’re doing everything we can to envision a future filled with clear lines. That’s why we’re excited to announce the introduction of new models in Mofour’s most sustainable line of wakeboards to date, the 2019.





In order to fully realize our brand’s primary mission, to create wakeboard’s that will maximize each rider’s potential and make every day on the water more fun than ever, we manufacture the entire collection of MoFour Wakeboards exclusively in Europe. Our European manufacturing ensures that our boards are produced in the very best levels of quality and performance. Having the boards built close to our headquarters also increased access and the ability to perform the extensive R&D that continues to push the evolution of our products.

 Fresh NEW tech

Here it is, this is where our passion is strongest, and what makes our boards the best they can be. For us, there’s nothing more important than coming up with new ideas and solutions, moving them through the R&D phase that gets them from the drawing board to the production line, and then reaping their benefits out on the water.  That’s why we do this, so to make your ride better.

– RIBtech; Reduced and Side reinforced core for superior control and Super lightweight riding experience.

– FLT High Rocker; Improved profile offers great control in any condition and is perfect for presses and soft landings

– PARK Woodcore; These wood stripes are securely placed in optimal positions to create a light and responsive 3D wood core that enhances performance. We improved pop and response with additional stripes of beech from tip to tail.

– 3DP base;  This improved base profile with wider pipe tip&tail profile is perfect for locking into jibs, offers smooth landings and enhanced turning and control created with mid base channels.

– Flat Base; This base profile enhances performance during pressing tricks and locking into jibs.

– BOOMBproof BASE; New developed super durable, smooth and fast material for all conditions and long lasting.

– DUAL carbon reinforcement; strategically placed carbon reinforcement provides rapid response and areal flex at tip and tail.





The Vesper – Pro level cable/park board

Next generation of game changer, the VESPER is arriving with new RIBtech technology improved flex and reduced thickness for super lightweight. Developed with DUAL Carbon reinforcements and new tip&tail pipe profile with side channels over whole new Bombproof base material. We placed finest materials to achieve higher standard riding in performance and durability. The Vesper with its graphic will let you dominate on any obstacle or air trick at your park.

Able – Advanced cable/park board

The ABLE, brand new for 2019 with redesigned 90 Carbon inlays to improve pop and response. Presented with new tip and tail profile for massive stability and support while jibs and presses. Including great bombproof base, RIBtech, Sharp Sidewalls and PARK tip2tail Woodcore. Delivering redesigned pop and perfect control for launching, or locking in on every obstacle the park has to offer. With this board you will go high.



FAIRY Female Specific all-around board.

The Fairy is designed to provide excellent female focused performance in any conditions. It’s got our Flat Base Profile which is great for locking into jibs, making this board the right choice for park features, while our Dura Light Reinforcement keeps it feeling smooth when you’re cruising by reducing weight and giving it a nice soft flex with lots of pop.

All this and more developed to help push the riders limits. New designs and technologies waiting for your pick. With todays announcement we are as well offering to you all new boards including new technologies and materials with 30% discount on preorders.

Check below and find your shredding machine.


MoFour Crew

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