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River Project by Nils Ballester

During the month of October, our young rider Nils Ballester from the region of Yverdon (Switzerland) and his team contacted ELSIUM to tell them about a secret spot they found during a walk one foggy day. It’s a small river cascade, lost in the middle of a a small village.


At the day of the event water temperature was chilling 8 degrees but with the eagerness to try out this epic setup, water didn’t felt cold at all, Nils says. While the team Elsium prepared the winch, Nils pulled the rope and attach it to about 80-90 meters of looped cable.

River Project Nils Ballester

When the winch was ready, building a kicker with three pallets and a wooden board started. Ernesto, one of the leaders at Elsium, brought slider that was made in his house. Entire setup did not take more than an hour. No one in the city knew in which river project would be. Few people with dogs walking by stood and looked at team wondering what was going on but with a smile they continued to walk the dogs.

Nils Ballester:
Everything went great, no problems with anything, a felt a bit fear with the speed entering the obstacles but THE SUPRAH board responded really well and helped me to nail my tricks.

River Project Nils Ballester river-project-nils-ballester-bs3

I have spent a good time, doing tricks that I never do on a cable. Very happy with my Switch FS Stailfish1. I want to thank all the team Elsium, JulienLedermann and Laurent Perret for filming, Bernunlimited and Jason Sunier to foxhead Switzerland and my girlfriend that helped me find this spot 🙂

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