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Thai Trip by Chris Celetz

What a better way to start the season than going to Thailand for a month!Thai Wake Park


I’m living close to “Rajamangala University” in a big house with all the other riders. It’s around 10 min away from TWP and with my motorbike I can go wherever I want. My usual day starts with breakfast in my room, mostly Cereals with fruits. After that I’m driving to the cable. I already had two coaching with a guy from Switzerland and a group of Hungarians. It’s possible to ride till 10 pm with lights but it’s not that good. After riding the whole day it’s pretty important to eat good and enough because u really need energy. Close to my home is a big market with the best food u can imagine and for €2 u can eat/drink like a king.


Sometimes we also go in a nice restaurant like Korean BBQ or something like that. After dinner I go in my room smoking a bit, relaxing and get ready for next day. That was a typical day with me in BKK.

Last weekend there was the “Kolour in the park festival” here at TWP. It was a music festival from Sat 12am till Mon 5am with a lot of nice people, hot chicks and fun. U can imagine it was like “Burning man” with a lot of Wakeboarders 🙂


I’m shredding in the company of riders Dominik GĂĽhrs, Daniel Grant, Yannik Paton, Robin Leroy Leonard. Now I’m just heading back to the park so enjoy because I will ; )

Chris Celetz

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