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The Gap

Hands down one of the hardest but most fun spots i have ridden! The gap is a waterfall drop in the middle of Thannhausen, Germany (town of Turncable) but unless you were looking for it you would never find it. 2 meters high and 1 meter deep were you land as well as that you have only one place to put the winch, to the side and 1m below the water level where you deep water start. Not an easy place to ride but if you can pull it off, so much fun and for sure great shots.

The GAP was an idea after a few night shootings at TURNCABLE, we (my photographer, Lukas Riedl and me) decided we needed a little change of scenery for shooting.
So we got Turncable wake skate team rider and friend Tom Reithmeier and other friend, Mia Mahony, packed up the winch and looked for a spot. Finally after long discussions we chose this spot.

As we started the air temp started to cool down (16º) and water temp was not so hot (8º) which made it harder to get motivated, but when you need to get the shot, no matter how cold your balls are, you get it!

After having to cut branches, trees, remove rocks, having legs sliced open, balls frozen, drowned a flash, wrists/ankles/hands and feet scraped to hell and nearly drowning a few times while trying to waterstart (never let go, takes to long to restart), we managed to walk away with some pretty impressive photos, if i don’t say so myself.

Nothing ever beats a day winching and hanging out with your friends having fun.

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