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Team rider Elliot, Wakeboards & Tuk Tuks

What can I say…. Wakeboards and Tuk Tuks.
This was my first trip to Thailand let alone Thai Wake Park. After traveling europe for the last five years it is alway exciting to travel on another continent. Especially if its for a sport I love to do. I have been snowboarding for the last 16 years and traveled all around the world and europe for it. Then 3 years ago a friend showed me a cable and wakeboarding. What can I say, I was hooked.
3 years later here I am working at some of the worlds most well known cables and when I’m not working I am traveling to other well known cable to board and enjoy. Also with a brand like MOFOUR WAKEBOARDS supporting me I am enjoying the sport even more.

When two friends and I arrived in thailand, at the start of november 2013, from germany, as soon as the doors opened it felt like opening up a pizza oven, to say the least it was HOT! Coming from a fairly cold 5° in germany to a very humid 29° in bangkok, it took a while to adjust.

Once we arrived at the cable we new we arrived at a small paradise. One fullsize cable with over 15 obstacles and two system 2.0s. One system is a bi-level, meaning half of the water is higher then the other half with rails, pipes, sliders, wallrides, etc. going from one level to the other, allowing for a pretty epic time.

All the obstacles there (on the full-sized) had a sprinkler system as well, meaning they are wet and slippery all day long!

Once we adjusted to the climate and park, it was the most amount of fun you can have on the water. With pressure from the lift allowing you to do some pretty nice high and smooth water tricks as well.



The kicker there was a dream as well. Once we adjusted to the kicker, which is super whippy but with a nice smooth transition, the guys that i met there; David Bittner, Maxim van Helvoort, Massi Piffaretti and myself thought it to be a perfect time to start trying out some double half cab rolls (double backflips with a 180). Massi had this trick already down safe so it was up to the rest of us to try and hammer it down. After a lot of very hard spill and crashes from myself and David, Max was the only one that got this trick and with a lot of ease!

After our first week at the wake park. My 2 friends (Melis, and Basti) and I were feeling very body sore. Now up to this point we had already spent a few night out in bangkok seeing the city and the markets as well as boat rides and riding Tuk Tuks everywhere. We were eager to go out and see some more of Thailand. So we took the weekend off and flew out to Phuket.

We spent most the time at a place called Patong. Now this is the very tourist part of the Island.  Markets everywhere and a big beach. As well as a lot of Night Clubs.

This was a very messy weekend for us including a lot of spending in the markets, feet cleansing in some fish tanks, beers in the sun and then some heavy drinking in the night clubs. Ending up with 2 people going home lucky and the last one trying to find the hotel at 530am on a prostitute’s scooter with the prostitute sitting on the back (that person did not know it was a prostitute at the time nor did that person sleep with the prostitute!). After a very heavy two nights drinking and days in the sun roaming around the markets. We took a Tuk Tuk and chilled at one of Phuket’s very nice beaches, before we flew back up north to Bangkok.

The next week at Thai Wake Park was spent wakeboarding, chilling in the sun, drinking in Bangkok and shreding the epic bi-level system. This is some of the most amount of fun i have had on a wakeboard. Bringing snowboarding to the water!

My last day in Thailand, Max and Massi (who are mainly boat riders) took me out on the boat. This was my first time riding boat. It is so much harder and scarier then riding cable but just as much fun. I got eaten on a few Backside 180s and munched on a switch backroll. But managed to land some grabs an air raily. Not bad for my first day.

Now I have left Thailand and off to AUSTRALIA working at the cable park in Bli Bli. Time to let a bit more traveling, adventures and some heavier wakeboarding begin!

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