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3 Lakes // 2 Days

End of October our team rider Nicolas Dourthe decided to organise a short trip with six of his friends from Berlin. The plan was to go shred 3 epic wakeparks (Infinite Wakepark, Wakebeach257 and wasserskipark Langenfeld) in 2 days. The trip started in Berlin and 6 hours later they arrived in Köln at their first stop.

Infinite wakepark

Even though Infinite wakepark is pretty small it’s super fun to ride. It is also quite private and awesome to hang out with your buddies.

Nicolas Doruthe 3 Lakes 2 days Nicolas Doruthe 3 Lakes 2 days

Nicolas Dourthe:
I had my pro team series SUPRAH wakeboard with me and it gave me just the perfect pop and control. It was really easy and fun to shred UNIT’s obstacles.

The next stop was Langenfeld wasserskipark just half hour drive from Köln. The location and whole setup here is just amazing. They’ve got 4 cables plus one 2.0 system in one place. It can get quite crowded but it’s one of those wakeparks you just have to visit. And the atmosphere at night…such a cool place to hang out.


The next day we went to wakepark Wakebeach257 which is also very close to Köln. Here I found my best obstacle so far, up rail 2 rail. Pretty technical but so much fun to ride. Wakebeach is also a nice place to ride with nice people.

Nicolas Doruthe 3 Lakes 2 daysNicolas Doruthe 3 Lakes 2 days

All in all it was an awesome trip definitely worth doing again next year! : )
Thanks to all my friends, Mofour Wakeboards and Picture organic clothing for the support. Oh and thanks Köln, I’am coming back for sure!

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